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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Got the van going today. Gee they’ve done a good job on it. It’s hard to believe Mr Edgars was handing out snow freeze just last summer. I feel kinda bad for all the kids missing out on ice creams but Maurice says Paeroa must come first. I’ve been getting ready to leave Paeroa for the first time. Gee I’m nervous. Must remember to go through my checklist: Shorts, tee shirt, toothbrush, left jandal, right jandal. Might have a shave. Or maybe I’ll wait til I come home? It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to the cat. Last time I went away all his pants fell off. I feel bad coz they’ve just grown back. Anyway, the launch was amazing! We didn’t get quite the crowd we expected but it was Wednesday, and there was a knitting expo on at the town hall. Everything went without a hitch. Apart from Maurice smashing the headlight. And the kids egging the van. And me forgetting the crew. But apart from that it went like clockwork. Can’t wait till tomorrow when I actually get to leave. One more sleep!

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Apostrophe protection society said...

Hi Colin, great blog. Keep it up!
Love the sparkly stars around the banner on this page too. Very, ... umm ... Hollywood or something.
Just one thing: suggest you add a wee apostrophe to your name in the title - ideally before the "s".
It's all the rage, trust me.

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