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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making filmz

Wow, what a day. Spent ages at Paeroa Filmz watching Stu make the Tourism Paeroa television commercial. The ad looks amazing! Stu runs a slick operation and boy can he can work those VHS decks. Maurice is a born actor too. Just another feather in his bow! Some people say the screen adds 10 pounds but I reckon it was more like nine and a half for him. I made my acting debut in it too but I’m worried I ruined it at the end – my thumbs-up could have been way better. Still, I was more worried about the fact the van wouldn’t start. But you can hardly notice the guys pushing anyway. I just hope I don’t freeze in front of the camera. I get nervous when people look at me. I think it came from the way Grandad used to stare at me all the time when I broke his best stuff. Anyway, I better go. I’ve got all seven wonders to remember, and I’m only up to number two!

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