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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving Paeroa

Left Paeroa today. Saw Mum waving and felt like I was gonna have a bit of a cry but sucked it up. Gee it’s different once you leave Paeroa. The cows are definitely different and the roads are less straight.

There seems to be a lot of support for Paeroa out there as every car gave me a friendly constant toot. I learnt a new wave today - It’s more of a fist shake than a wave. Man this van handles good, apart from pulling violently to the left but that’s cool coz my right arm has always been stronger than my right.


lottie said...

dear Colin. Can you please write another blog post? We really want to know what you're doing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am your biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

saw ya on the screen tonight bro! good work

KT PIE said...

Dear Colin

Are you actually from Paeroa? I havent seen you strolling the streets mate. Or having a Pie from the criterion dairy? Where have you been hiding?

Anonymous said...

Yah to L&P - Paeroa is a great place to visit... Check out the Karangahake Gorge

Ezra said...

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