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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raglan rulz!

So I spent the day at Raglan today (in case you’re reading this Maurice, Raglan is what the kids are calling Hamilton these days. Strange huh?). Anyways, I saw some people doing a bit of the old surfboarding. I also saw a seagull eat it’s own poo. That made me think of Paeroa. I’m having too much fun (that’s local slang for ‘handing out heaps of Paeroa flyers’) to be homesick yet, but reckon it’ll happen soon enough. You can take the Paeroa out of the boy, but you can’t take the Paeroa out of the boy. Anyway, next stop is Rotorua. Maurice went to a small business conference there once and came back to Paeroa with 5,000 lazy susans. Reckons he got the bargain of the century. He also reckons Rotorua pongs worse than the Paeroa septic tank incident of ’84.

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